Why are we always our toughest critic?

I used to think my hips were too wide. My chest was too flat. My legs were too big. My stomach was too fat. My arms were too jiggly (You know…when you stick your arm out and move it around to see how much fat is on it?! Jiggly.) My A$$ was too small. My face was too round. I was really hard on myself. My thoughts became my words. My words became my vision. My visions became my reality. It was detrimental to my health.

 How you talk to yourself is crucial. Let me say that again, how you talk to yourself is CRUCIAL!!! We lose sight on how to treat ourselves and then, how we treat others. Unfortunately, this is the kind of world we live in.  We are always criticizing, always judging, always complaining, and always comparing one another.  What happened to giving compliments?  Accepting people for who they are?  Showing admiration? And being tolerable of one another?  I couldn’t see all the beauty in front of me, not just externally but internally. I knew I had to re-engineer my mind to see myself in a brand new lense, by changing my thoughts to words, words to my vision, and visions to my reality. Where did all of this negativity come from? Was it the magazines I use to look at? The shows I use to watch? The people I use to surround myself with? Was it the music I was listening to? We live in a visual world where everything needs to be perfect, but nothing is perfect.  

Now, I nurture my body with love. My hips, chest, legs, stomach, arms, a$$, and face are imperfectly ‘perfect’. I should be so lucky to have these parts of my body.  I accept my body, mind, and spirit because it is simply beautiful.

Self-love is a key component to our health.  You can eat all the kale, berries, and whole grains you want, but if don’t love yourself, you will be striving for an optimal health that is nonexistent.  When you can embrace your imperfections, true healing occurs. Love heals!  “Who you are is as important as what you know. And how you be is as important as what you do” - Dr. Paul Epstein. Self –love begins with you! Now, what do you see when you look in the mirror?

Learning lessons:
Strive to look and feel your best – but quiet the negative chatter
How to talk to yourself is crucial!
Embrace your imperfections!
Be kind to yourself!
Be kind to others!
Be loving!

Love. More. Everyday.