Be Present


I woke up one morning feeling indifferent. For a while now, I had been thinking to myself should I be doing more? Should I be doing this? Should I be doing that? For example, I don’t have a morning wake up call, other than my dog who likes to bark furiously at other dogs at 6am. I get to sleep in most days.  I plan my day around me.  I swear tho I am nocturnal. I could sleep all day and stay up all night. I always have a voice inside me saying, “I should be up by 8am, starting my school work, checking my emails, blogs, workout, work on my business, etc”.
BUT why?
Am I lazy for sleeping in? Am I having these thoughts b/c society is telling me I should be doing more? That I shouldn’t waste the day to sleep in?

Then a moment of clarity raised as I slowly got out of bed.
I said “I can do whatever the F I want”!!!!!!!!
 I have the luxury to design my life the way I want to, and not what society thinks I should be doing. I don’t have kids right now. I should enjoy this quiet time. I should enjoy sleeping in. I love my sleep! We all know, you don’t get sleep once you start having kids. So why not embrace this time to myself?!?! Who else can say they have this gift?  I have a business where I set my own hours. Awesome!  I’m in school where I can do my courses on my own time. Double bonus!

How awesome is right now?  This present moment?
Then my perception shifted. I was so focused on what the outside world was telling me that I forgot about what I had/have in front of me. I am grateful for this life I have. I am grateful for this moment to recognize the Now, how to be present, and to be in the moment of my own experiences. I was gifted to have this opportunity for myself, to understand myself better, heal myself, and mostly get to know ME.

Learning lessons:
1. The universe has presented me with this recognition to embrace this time for myself. For I will never get it back and all we ever have is now.

2. Don’t let others or society get in the way of designing your life the way you want it to be.