Why are we always our toughest critic?

I used to think my hips were too wide. My chest was too flat. My legs were too big. My stomach was too fat. My arms were too jiggly (You know…when you stick your arm out and move it around to see how much fat is on it?! Jiggly.) My A$$ was too small. My face was too round. I was really hard on myself. My thoughts became my words. My words became my vision. My visions became my reality. It was detrimental to my health.

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Be Present

I woke up one morning feeling indifferent. For a while now, I had been thinking to myself should I be doing more? Should I be doing this? Should I be doing that? For example, I don’t have a morning wake up call, other than my dog who likes to bark furiously at other dogs at 6am. I get to sleep in most days.  I plan my day around me.  I swear tho I am nocturnal. I could sleep all day and stay up all night. I always have a voice inside me saying, “I should be up by 8am, starting my school work, checking my emails, blogs, workout, work on my business, etc”.
BUT why?

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