Hello Beautiful People! I'm Beth, and I'm a holistic health coach, specializing in spiritual growth.  


I am a wife + mom (dog mom) + daughter + sister + friend + student + fashionista and business owner. I was born in Seoul, Korea, adopted at three months by my incredible parents, and raised in Minnesota. Recently, I moved to Dallas, Texas with my husband and dog, Jasmine (aka Jazzy). Jasmine is a Pomeranian. She is five years old. She is my personal assistant at all times. Hosting sessions, she is at the comfort of your hand with lots of love to give. It's crazy how animals can make a huge impact on your life. Jazzy teaches me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following my heart. She helps me to appreciate the simple things in life like a walk in the park, a fresh snowfall, a nap sun bathing in the sunlight. Mostly, she teaches me about friendship, selflessness, unwavering loyalty and, above all else,  LOVE (unconditional LOVE). 

Which ties me to my next topic ..............................................UNIVERSAL LOVE

UNIVERSAL LOVE = worldwide + endless love.
Everyone is looking for some kind of love in their life. It may be to find love, show love, spread love, trust love, give love. 
My mission is to scatter my LOVE to the world.
What you put out into the universe is what you will receive! "The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. The presence of love will always cast out fear" - Gabby Bernstein. At times it may not seem this way, but trust that the universe will never give you lessons or assignments you cannot handle. It's about showing up for these divine assignments for healing and growth.  When you open your heart and mind to new perceptions, allow yourself to surrender to the flow of love. This will always guide you. You have the right to happiness! You have the right to flourish and prosper in whatever direction you are heading. In the world of love, the possibilities are endless.
In the end, the universe always has your back. My inspiration, author, spirit guru, life coach, and motivational speaker, Gabby Bernstein, showed me how to transform fear into love. I choose love everyday to set myself free. 

Although, it wasn't always like this.........................


Finding Myself

Have you ever courageously ventured out into the ocean, unaware of it's depth? And then, unexpectedly you're caught in the tide not knowing if you'll ever be able to get back to shore?  I definitely did! I quit my job of three years - the pay was good, great actually. But I was completely unhappy. I wasn't ME! When I quit, I had no flipping clue what I wanted to do with my life. Months past and nothing came to mind. The whole housewife thing wasn't working for me anymore. I knew I wanted more. I knew, deep down, I had more to give. I still had hope to find my passion. 

One day, I was heading to my massage appointment. And at this time I was reading "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero (great book). Before I entered the doors, I contemplated on whether to leave this book in my purse or take it out. So ridiculous, right!?  But I thought my masseuse would think I was "weird" for reading it. I didn't want her to think I was struggling but I was. Everyone does. I left the book right in my purse and walked through the doors. Later on, in the middle of my massage she asked "Oh, you are reading 'You are a Badass'? I heard that book is amazing." 
I said "Yes, the book is awesome. I'm five chapters in and I love it." (thinking - OMG! Great, she just saw it. My life is over! Why did I bring it in?) - So outrageous how my brain works.
She continued about her friend who is a health coach, who created a book club and they just started on this specific book. She went on about how great she was and how well I would get along with her. I was intrigued what a health coach was and who this lady could be. She gave me her contact information so I could reach out to her. A day later, this lady reached out to me asking if I wanted to join her book club. Honestly I was more interested in hearing about her profession. Then, I scheduled a discovery consultation with her.  She was everything my masseuse told me she was. I ended up taking her 6 month program, started school at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, and finally found my calling, to become a holistic health coach.

BOOM, GAME ON........

Long story short, for the longest time I had been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and who I even was. I had numerous times where I wanted to give up, thinking I was a failure. I was terrified to start over. I had so much fear built up from past stories telling me "I couldn't do that", "who was I to start over?", "I can't face the noise", "I'm not good enough".   Once I learned how to let go and forgive myself, I was able to move forward. I forgave myself for having these thoughts. I forgave myself for not truly believing in myself. I forgave people who had hurt me.  I forgave myself for allowing the past to dictate my future. Then, I surrendered to the universe, and the universe came through for me.   ***It all started with a book, at the right place and right time. The universe does miraclous things when you least expect it.


Credentials & Certification

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City. I have been working in the health care field for over 9 years. With nursing experience I was able to see the traditional, western side of medicine. Now with my interest in alternative healthcare, I am able to help myself and others see natural, holistic ways of living. 

"Everyone's journey is unique, but we're all trying to get to the same place-the place where we feel happiest, the most alive, and the most like ourselves"
- Jen Sincero